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Endre Balogh

Violinist - Photographer - Digital Fine Artist


From earliest childhood, Endre Balogh has been an internationally known concert violinist. He spent much of his career touring the world, playing solo recitals, concertos with orchestras, and chamber music, working with such eminent musical luminaries as Zubin Mehta, Christoph von Dohnanyi, Vladimir Horowitz, and Andre Watts. In 2004, he severely curtailed his touring schedule to spend more time with his wife and children and rapidly began honing his passion for photography. Soon, he was winning top awards in contests and his unique aesthetic vision and reputation for consistently beautiful work earned him an enviable reputation among his photographic colleagues. His photos are prominently displayed in the collections of several connoisseurs of fine photographic and digital arts. In 2007, a solo exhibition of 47 of his photos ran for three months at the Karpeles Museum in Santa Barbara. His photo "Egg On Glass" was chosen from among nearly 3000 entries from 40 countries to be displayed in the prestigious 2007 "Art of Digital" International Exhibition. His second showing of photographs - "Black and White In Bloom" - 20 large black and white flower photographs ran at the Karpeles Museum in 2010. An article written by Endre detailing his techniques for photographing flowers and illustrated by six photos from his collection was featured in the prestigious photographic magazine, "Shutterbug's" annual "Expert Photo Techniques Guide - 2010" with his photo of an Oriental Lily gracing the cover. Living in Los Angeles, he is a highly sought-after portrait, headshot, theatrical, and architectural photographer. He was named "Photographer Of The Year" for an unprecedented four of five years between 2012 and 2016 by the All Valley Professional Photographer's Association Several of his photos have been included in the Professional Photographers of America "Loan Collection" books. In the 2015 International Photography Competition, all four of his photos were chosen for the "Loan Collection" - making Endre one of only 35 photographers worldwide to receive the PPA/IPC "Diamond Award". Also in 2016 he was named the "Number Two" among the "Top Ten Photographers in California" and was also awarded "Illustrative Photographer of 2015" and "Photographic Artist of 2015" by the California Professional Photographers Association. He is a Certified "Master Photographer" by the Professional Photographers of America. Additionally, he has been commissioned to create many commercial graphics projects, including six book covers. Endre's first photographic book - "Black And White In Bloom - Eighty Black and White Flower Photographs, With a Foreword by David Mamet" was published in 2013. The book "The (not so) Little Book Of Surprises - Mystical writings by Deirdre Hade) is soon to be released. It is a 138 page, hardbound coffee table book, that features Endre's art and photography on every page. To see more of Endre Balogh's photographic art, please visit http://www.endresphotos.com Please watch a short documentary about Endre's musical career here: http://vimeo.com/105725646 This is a link to a YouTube video of about 40 of Endre's award-winning flower photos underscored by a performance Endre gave on the radio in a concert commemorating the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRPs2zrEl68


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The ATT Tower by Endre Balogh


Olvera Street Market by Endre Balogh


The Wall From Inside by Endre Balogh


Doorway In Akko by Endre Balogh


Palm Tree By The Dead Sea by Endre Balogh


A Church by Endre Balogh


The French Church 4 by Endre Balogh


The French Church 3 by Endre Balogh


The Masada Sofer by Endre Balogh


Hills By The Dead Sea by Endre Balogh


Dead Sea Coastline 1 by Endre Balogh


Arched Walkway by Endre Balogh


The Wall by Endre Balogh


Sailboat 9 by Endre Balogh


Sailboat 8 by Endre Balogh


Sailboat 7 by Endre Balogh


Sailboat 6 by Endre Balogh


Sailboat 5 by Endre Balogh


Sailboat 4 by Endre Balogh


Sailboat 3 by Endre Balogh


Sailboat 2 by Endre Balogh


Sailboat 1 by Endre Balogh


Sacred Geometry 665 by Endre Balogh


Armenian Church Altar by Endre Balogh


Smokey Sunset Over Montecito by Endre Balogh


The Baha'i Temple by Endre Balogh


Ruins Archway by Endre Balogh


Sacred Geometry 664 by Endre Balogh


Sacred Geometry 663 by Endre Balogh


Sailing The Wine Dark Sea by Endre Balogh


Sacred Geometry 662 by Endre Balogh


Prague Cathedral by Endre Balogh


Prague's Main Cathedral by Endre Balogh


Sierra Sunrise by Endre Balogh


Sierra Golden Dawn by Endre Balogh


Above Strasbourg by Endre Balogh


Cupola At Sans Souci by Endre Balogh


Sacred Geometry 661 by Endre Balogh


The Sea At Peace by Endre Balogh


Cathedral Entance by Endre Balogh


Strasbourg Public Artwork by Endre Balogh


Rainbow In Downtown LA by Endre Balogh


Sacred Geometry 660 by Endre Balogh


A Pile Of Pampered Piglets by Endre Balogh


Conch Shell by Endre Balogh


Sacred Geometry 659 by Endre Balogh


Sacred Geometry 658 by Endre Balogh


Sacred Geometry 657 by Endre Balogh